Free. Spirited. Photography.



Why Free. Spirited. Childhood. Sessions?


Children have the right to exist exactly as they are, without pressure to conform to arbitrary standards imposed by well-meaning adults. I take the child’s lead and let them show me who they are. I can’t tell you what images our session together will produce, but I can tell you they’ll be perfect.

In every childhood session, I aim to capture snippets of what makes each child’s soul sing. For some, it’s climbing to the top of every tree and launching themselves headlong into a mud puddle. For others, it’s quiet time spent with books and a comfort item. No two children are alike so preconceived notions of what their portraits “should” look like has never served me.

There is nothing more worthy of documentation than a child in their natural element. Through thousands of images, the ones that stand out in my mind as the most honest and beautiful are those involving children simply being themselves. Scraped knees, dirty toes, mud pies, messy hair, and superhero capes- every piece of what makes them unique is important.