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 “All good things are wild and free.” - Thoreau


—  Philosophy

I am a photographer who believes in self-direction and freedom for even the smallest of humans.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had an interest in documenting life in a way that is honest and with as little filter as possible. Working with children for more than two decades further solidified my pursuit of images that captured the honest experience of being a child. Becoming a mother pushed me to also capture the emotion and intensity involved in raising, loving, and facilitating the growth of the next generation.

At some point along the way, I discovered self-directed education and an entirely new world opened up for me. My commitment to honest, respectful collaboration with children and their families found a home in a philosophy that recognizes children as complete, capable human beings. My work now fluctuates between documenting the self-directed community and working with individual children and families to capture those bits and pieces that will make up their memories of childhood.

My sessions are free of forced posing, scratchy outfits, and imposed notions of what portraits “should” look like. I encourage my young collaborators to get messy, get loud, and show me who they are in this moment. Nothing is too silly, too gross, or too “boring” to capture. When you look back on these photos, I want you to see all the little details that make up your child’s life right now- the way her hair falls in her face when she’s drawing; his insistence on wearing his shoes on the “wrong” feet; her ability to scale a tree in two minutes flat; his love of purple nail polish and tutus; their commitment to scaling the counter tops to get to the cabinet of snacks; his passion for all things muddy.

The days may be long but the years truly are short. Let’s capture who your children are now before the details start to fade.

- Jenni



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